Anna Schaffner

Anna SchaffnerAnna Schaffner┬áis an academic at the University of Kent. Her first novel, The Truth About Julia, tells the story of a highly intelligent young woman who blows up a coffee shop in central London, killing twenty-four people before turning herself in to the police. She refuses to explain the reasons for her actions. Commissioned to write the biography of the enigmatic terrorist, the investigative journalist Clare Hardenberg endeavours to uncover the truth about Julia. Yet the image that emerges from Clare’s conversations with the terrorist’s family and friends is one that she finds difficult to accept. Losing faith in the power of words to bring about justice, Clare finds herself increasingly identifying with Julia and with the belief that acts of violence are the only way to achieve real change in the world. Clare’s life unravels, leading to a shocking finale.

UK & Commonwealth rights sold to Allen & Unwin for publication in spring 2016.