Joseph Jebelli

Joseph Jebelli is a 31-year-old British neuroscientist. His first book, IN PURSUIT OF MEMORY: The Fight Against Alzheimer’s, is inspired by his own grandfather’s experience with Alzheimer’s and is the story of the disease, from the scientists who discovered it, to the patients and families living with it, to the researchers fighting to eradicate it. It sold at auction to John Murray Press in the UK and Little, Brown in the US and will be published in June 2017. Rights have also sold in Italy (Mondadori), Brazil (Editora Planeta) and Romania (Editora Trei/Lifestyle). Joseph began to work on Alzheimer’s – specifically, using the body’s immune system to halt its progress – while doing his PhD in neurobiology at UCL. He continued this research at the University of Washington, before moving back to London. In addition to numerous academic articles on Alzheimer’s, Joseph has written for the Guardian, the Wellcome Trust, the Biochemist, the Biologist and the website BioNews.

Photo © Hajra Siraj