Sian Griffiths

Sian Griffiths is the Education and Families Editor for The Sunday Times, where she was previously deputy editor of Supplements and, more recently,  News Review. Sian was shortlisted for Reporter of the Year at the British Press Awards, 2015 for, among other reporting, breaking the Trojan Horse affair with her Sunday Times colleague Richard Kerbaj and has been shortlisted at the British Press Awards in 2017 for Specialist of the Year. A mother of two, she has a keen interest in the problems caused by lack of sleep, which she is increasingly seeing among schoolchildren and university students – as well as among her own children. A frequent commentator on radio and television, she presented the BBC Wales, later BBC2, documentary School Swap: Korean Style which aired in January 2017. Together with Paul Kelley, sleep expert and pioneer, she is the co-author of TIME TO SLEEP, which will be published by Duckworth in 2018. The book shows how ignoring our biological clocks has caused an international sleep loss epidemic, and explains what we can all do to ensure that we get enough sleep.