Lauren St John

Lauren’s The White Giraffe series (Orion world rights 2006) has sold in multiple languages and won many prizes.’In a spellbinding and mesmerizing debut novel, Lauren St John weaves a captivating tale of love,loss, friendship and the richly evoked history of Africa’ Publishing News . Her first volume in her second series, the Laura Marlin Adventures, Dead Man’s Cove , won the Blue Peter Prize 2011. Kidnap in the Caribbean came out to rave reviews in July 2011 and the third Rendevous in Russia is published in 2013. The One-Dollar Horse May 2012), the first in a series of three stories about  Carey and  the horse she rescues in the nick of time and rides to glory. It was Waterstones Book of the Month for February 2013. Lauren is also the author of the accliamed adult novel The Obituary Writer published in June 2013. She lives in London with her partner and her cat Max.