Marcus Chown

MarcusChownMarcus is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, he is cosmology consultant of New Scientist and appears regularly on television and radio. His books include Afterglow of Creation (beautiful science, beautifully told – The Australian); The Magic Furnace (All the narrative devices you’d expect to find in a Harry Potter – The Dail Mail); The Universe Next Door (A parallel universe where science is actually fun – The Independent); The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead (Like being at a party with an almost perfect DJ – The Independent); Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You (Weird, sexy and mind-blowing – Nature); We Need to Talk About Kelvin (Short-listed for the 2010 Royal Society Science Book Prize). He is author of Solar System for the iPad, which won The Bookseller 2011 Digital Innovation Prize. His children’s book Felicity Frobisher and the Three-Headed Aldebaran Dust Devil (Is one of the books most likely to fire children’s imaginations – Sunday Times). He is also the author of What a Wonderful World: One Man’s Attempt to Understand Everything. His latest book, The Ascent of Gravity, published in April 2017.