Will Eaves has been shortlisted for the 2017 BBC National Short Story Award. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 3rd October and the ceremony will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme.

Eugene Rogan, Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Director of the Middle East Centre, and Fellow of St Antony’s College, has been elected Fellow of the British Academy.

Felicity Bryan Associates were praised as a literary agency ‘powerhouse’ in industry publication The Bookseller‘s profile of the company (07.07.17). Subscribers can read the feature here.

Catherine Clarke has won the 2017 Agent of the Year award at the British Book Awards.

Celebrating Rosamunde Pilcher‘s 92nd birthday, the photo shows her next to the Wall of Fame at the Hachette offices, where Tim Hely-Hutchinson gave a champagne lunch in her honour.


Simplified Chinese rights to SWEARING IS GOOD FOR YOU: The Amazing Science of Bad Language by Emma Byrne have been bought by Citic Press. The book will be published by Profile Books in the UK and Norton in the US in November 2017.

Autrement have bought the French rights to Reni Eddo-Lodge’s searing, illuminating and necessary exploration of what it is to be a person of colour today, WHY I’M NO LONGER TALKING TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE. It will be published as their lead title in Autumn 2018.

UK rights to David Farrier’s FOOTPRINTS: In Search of Future Fossils were bought by Fourth Estate after a heated auction. Footprints looks for the marks and traces we are leaving upon the Earth for future generations to discover, from chicken bones and plastic waste, to deep earth nuclear storage facilities designed to remain secure for the next 100,000 years. It will be published in 2019.

Sarah Savitt at Virago has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to THE BRINK OF BEING: Portraits of Miscarriage by Julia Bueno, a moving and necessary book about an experience that is often misunderstood and kept under wraps, but affects one in four pregnancies worldwide. It draws upon the author’s own life, her work as a psychotherapist, history and science, and will be published in Spring 2019. North American rights have been bought, on exclusive submission, by Lindsey Schwoeri at Penguin.

Frankie Gray at Transworld has acquired WEL rights in THE HOUSE SWAP by Rebecca Fleet in a six-figure pre-empt. When a young couple organises a house swap to have a break away, the wife slowly realises from clues left in the house that the person they have swapped with is someone she used to know and, for reasons that gradually become clear, was very much hoping to forget.

German rights to Goldmann, Italian rights to Longanesi and French rights to Laffont, all in six-figure pre-empts for two books. US rights to Pam Dorman books, also a six-figure pre-empt. Spanish and Catalan rights to Suma (PRH). 8 publisher auction in Poland.

Laura Stickney at Pelican has acquired UK rights in Professor Michael Wooldridge’s THE ROAD TO CONSCIOUS MACHINES, the turbulent story of artificial intelligence and where it’s leading us, for publication in 2018.  Mainland Chinese rights have sold to Shanghai Dook for a six figure dollar sum.

Macmillan Children’s Books (MCB) have signed a six-figure deal for world rights in four new middle-grade novels by internationally bestselling and award-winning Lauren St John. The first, KAT WOLFE INVESTIGATES, will be published in spring 2018. Venetia Gosling, publishing director at MCB, said: ‘Lauren St John taps in so brilliantly to a child’s yearning for adventure, of making their mark on the world – and her stories both enchant and inspire.  She writes warm, intelligent, engaging adventures which are perfect for contemporary readers, but with timeless appeal.’

Simon and Schuster have acquired World English rights in two new YA novels by Clare Furniss. Her most recent novel, HOW NOT TO DISAPPEAR, is shortlisted for the YA Book Prize 2017 and the Independent Bookseller Book Week Award.

David Pilling’s THE GROWTH DELUSION – Why Economists Are Getting it Wrong And What We Can Do About It, has been commissioned by Alexis Kirschbaum at Bloomsbury and by Tim Duggan at Tim Duggan Books (Crown). Pilling is the Financial Times’ Africa Editor and his book on how GDP is a poor measure of genuine growth and promotes inequality is truly dynamic.

Michael Joseph have commissioned Marcus Chown, Lawrence Freedman, Suzannah Lipscomb and Michael Wooldridge to write for their Ladybird Expert series.  Marcus Chown is the Expert on The Big Bang, Lawrence Freedman on Nuclear Deterrence, Suzannah Lipscomb on Witchcraft and Michael Wooldridge on Artificial Intelligence.

World rights to renowned electronic musician Tim Hecker’s book IN SEARCH OF OBLIVION, about the human obsession with loud noise, sold to Fourth Estate / HarperCollins.