THE KILLING OF BUTTERFLY JOE has been optioned by David Kosse, the producer of ‘The Theory of Everything’ and ‘Room’.

Liz Kessler’s best-selling Emily Windsnap series has been optioned by prolific Hollywood producer, Peter Winther of Winther Bros. Entertainment.

Tim Birkhead is scientific consultant for a BBC Natural World/Nature US programme, ‘Attenborough’s Eggs’, presented by Sir David Attenborough. Professor Birkhead is featured in discussion with Sir David Attenborough and the script is based on his most recent book, THE MOST PERFECT THING.

Film & TV rights to A YEAR WITHOUT AUTUMN by Liz Kessler, have been optioned by US producer Dana Friedman of Kaleidoscope Media.

Film and TV rights to Irena Brignull’s THE HAWKWEED PROPHECY and its sequel THE HAWKWEED LEGACY have been snapped up by the US production company StoryBy Entertainment (‘Stitchers’ and forthcoming TV series ‘Will’ on TNT), with Howard Braunstein and Frank Baruch executive producing.

SLAM FILM & TV, Stephen Mangan’s production company, have optioned the TV rights in Simon Lelic’s gripping psychological suspense novel THE HOUSE pre-publication.

Rupert Maconick at Saville Productions has optioned the documentary rights in THE BALL IS ROUND: A Global History of Football by award-winning writer David Goldblatt.

STV, based in Glasgow, have optioned rights to adapt Anna Whitelock’s prize-winning history book about Elizabeth I’s women companions, ELIZABETH’S BEDFELLOWS (published under the title THE QUEEN’S BED in the US), as a drama series.

Films rights in Anna Hope’s THE BALLROOM have been optioned by prolific Irish producer Parallel Films for award-winning filmmaker Aisling Walker to write and direct.

The Film & TV rights to Hugh Wilford’s AMERICA’S‘ GREAT GAME have been optioned by prolific Hollywood producer Barry Josephson Entertainment.